Social Experiment Update


Life without Facebook went on for two weeks before it was reactivated when I logged onto Spotify.
Yes, it was disappointing.
But now that it’s activated I’m so repulsed I stay away. I don’t know what it is but scrolling through I start to feel extremely anxious.


A Social Experiment.


It’s been three days.

I’ve been counting.

For three days I’ve been inactive on Facebook.
See late Tuesday night I got this idea in my head. I couldn’t remember what life was like before Facebook.
Before feeling the need to update everyone on everything.
Before needing to know where everyone was or what restaurant they were stuffing themselves at.
Before feeling envious about acquaintances traveling to places you’d never be able to afford to travel to.
Before feeling the insane amount of jealousy that a picture of an ex with someone new could conjure.
It was a sick, desperate feeling.
I didn’t think twice. I just clicked the deactivate button and POOF….it was gone.
not entirely.
See, I’ve had the damn account for so long and it’s linked to so many other accounts and being inactive has been a pain.
But other than that. These last three days have been heaven. It’s like a vacation.
It’s easy to see how addicted I was. Even though I can’t log on, I still find myself mindlessly clicking on the app when I unlock my phone. It’s awful how dependent I’ve become.
Anyway, as a crutch I’ve been using Tumblr.
Is that bad? I don’t know anymore.
I’ll keep you updated on the madness.